last update: 15-12-2018


MAHAK has received the golden award from the "Top Ten Award International Network" in 2017 Ten Award Ceremony in British Columbia, Canada.
Top Ten Award was established to recognize outstanding groups, companies, organizations and individuals, in the public sector representing the best in the respective sectors. The Top Ten Award International Network ceremony is being held every year in a country for promotion of the quality of works, services and/or productions. 
This award recognizes excellence in private and public-sector organizations that have developed processes to meet or exceed the expectations of customers, addressing complaints, when they arise, in an efficient and professional manner.
MAHAK had received the silver award from "Top Ten Award International Network" in Kiev, Ukraine on 24th May 2011. 
Receiving such honors makes MAHAK more determined to stay firmly in its path and never relinquish the principles it is committed to. We hope that the continuation of our efforts will result in recovery of more children from cancer and we look forward to having a world without cancer in future.