last update: 15-12-2018


Since the early days of MAHAK, funding and providing accommodation for families coming from all over Iran for treatment of their child has been a priority for this organization. 
Sattarkhan residential center accommodates children with cancer who have undergone bone marrow transplantation. By the establishment of this center these children undergo punctual medical examinations and the families will not be concerned about going through the arduous task of commuting between provinces to get their child to the medical center to receive on time proper treatment. 
There are three floors in this center which consist of children's rooms, play rooms and volunteers' rooms. Moreover, the daily meals of the children are prepared in this center's catering division according to the doctors' prescriptions. We strive to provide the necessities of a cozy and friendly atmosphere for the children at this center so that they feel at home.
We appreciate the contributions of all the individuals who accompany us in the path of supporting cancer-stricken children. We hope that all these efforts result in remission of more cancer-stricken children.