last update: 15-12-2018


Representatives of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd along with the country manager of this company in Iran paid a visit to MAHAK on March 6, 2018.
After the tour around MAHAK hospital and institution, Dr. Peter Hug Head of EEMEA Region (Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa), Olaf Schulzeck General Manager Middle-East Sub-region II, Richard Horcic, EEMEA Regional Human Resource, Ahmed Elhusseiny, Head of Commercial Region EEMEA and Farid Bidgoli, the CEO of Roche Pars Ltd. were present at a meeting with the presence of the CEO of MAHAK, a member of MAHAK’s board of directors, representatives of Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization during which different issues were elaborated and discussed. 
At the beginning of this meeting Dr. Peter Hug, Head of EEMEA Region, appreciated the activities and services provided by MAHAK and emphasized on the importance of changing the routines of treatment and facilitating the process of service delivery for all in need. 
Later on, Farid Bidgoli, the CEO of Roche Pars Ltd. elaborated on a research project focusing on new methods of treatment which is being conducted with the collaboration of Roche Pars and emphasized that "by such collaborations, we can create a change at national level".
Dr. Hug asserted that big changes are created gradually. He added the fact that the modern and updated facilities are centralized in big cities and it is the same in all countries. With proper planning decentralization can happen gradually. 
Later on in response to Dr. Hug’s statement, Saba Kamkar, the manager of public and international relations department of MAHAK, elaborated on MAHAK's third strategic plan which has been devised to provide integrated and comprehensive services throughout the country in 39 other governmental hospitals with whom MAHAK collaborates. Afterward MAHAK’s fourth strategic plan will focus on implementation of multidisciplinary treatment approach. 
She also asserted that: “alongside with its main mission which is supporting children with cancer and their families, MAHAK has initiated to launch some projects to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) aiming to enhance the health-related infrastructures at national level. In this vein MAHAK has inaugurated a registration center for donating hematopoietic stem cells which paves the way for providing the required service to the patients who need bone marrow transplantation.
Olaf Schulzeck, ‎General Manager of Middle-East, stated that the experts and specialists should be involved in the process of this change by cooperating with one another in order to fully act on the basis of multidisciplinary approach. 
Then Arasb Ahmadian, the CEO of MAHAK and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Cancer Network, emphasized on the vital role of the specialists in proceeding MAHAK’s multidisciplinary treatment approach and highlighted the fact that without advocacy MAHAK cannot change a thing and needs to be in touch with new ideas and methods in this regard.
At the end of the meeting Dr. Hug concluded his speech by mentioning that in order to have more advancement, MAHAK needs to "Engage in shaping the environment for initiatives by adhering to new technologies".
In the end, Farid Bidgoli appreciated the Iranian civil capacity and stated that: "I am proud of living among this society for humanitarian manner with whose cooperation we can create big changes in health care systems.”
We at MAHAK appreciate the support of all those who accompany us in the path we stepped in 26 years ago.  Such benevolent supports motivate us to stay firmly in our path and never relinquish the principles we believe in.