last update: 05-04-2019


On the occasion of "Chaharshanbe Suri" which is an Iranian traditional celebration to welcome the New Year, a volunteer group of musicians and showmen held a ceremony for cancer-stricken children at MAHAK. 
Nane Sarma, Haji Firuz and Amu Nowruz- fictional New Year characters in Iranian folklore- along with their musician friends who played Iranian musical instruments went to all the hospital wards and sang traditional songs related to Nowruz.
In this event, MAHAK volunteers along with the children and their families gathered together and performed the traditional ceremony of jumping over the fire and singing a famous Chaharshanbe Suri’s verse.
MAHAK has always striven to take measures to enhance the life quality of cancer-stricken children. We hope that the ongoing contributions of all who support the cancer-stricken children will result in the remission of more and more of them from this disease.