last update: 05-04-2019


MAHAK children set Haftseen tables, the traditional arrangement of items starting with the letter ‘S’, in every hospital ward with the help of MAHAK's volunteer social workers. 
Nowruz which is on the first day of spring brings the hope of health and happiness to MAHAK children and their families. It is at the beginning of the New Year that our children make resolutions of remission and hope it will be gifted to them with the start of the new season. 
MAHAK strives to hold ceremonies and celebrations on different occasions throughout the year to preserve the childhood and happiness of cancer-stricken children so that they can pass their treatment process with more hope and energy.
We appreciate the collaborations of all who accompany MAHAK in the path of supporting children with cancer and hope all these contributions will result in the remission of all the children from cancer