last update: 23-01-2019


One of the side effects of cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy is the problem they may cause on teeth and gums.  Using these two treatment methods causes severe decrease in saliva, dryness and inflammation of the oral mucosa in cancer patients specially children. These side effects will finally result in tooth decay. Moreover, the families may pay less attention to the dental health of the children due to focusing on the treatment of cancer. Consequently, volunteer dentists provide during and post treatment services to cancer-stricken children at MAHAK. Dental services are provided to MAHAK children and their families at the highest level. In addition to the dental services provided at MAHAK, scientific support of university professors are also utilized in the fields of dentistry and jaw surgery so that the most advanced dental services will be delivered to children with cancer.
MAHAK's dental clinic is managed by 15 volunteer dentists and MAHAK strives to inaugurate an anesthetic dental center for children to provide the best services to cancer-stricken children.