last update: 19-11-2019


Being in playrooms has always alleviated the pain for MAHAK children. There is a playroom in each hospital ward where children can stay away from physical treatment. In such rooms injection pains and bitter medications are replaced with playing and having fun, as a result of which MAHAK children never forget the playroom time and look forward to the time when they can go there. In other words, they measure time according to the playroom time in a way that one of our children's reply to "When are you going home?" was "after the playroom time".
In addition, a book trolley is taken to each playroom every week along with music therapy. MAHAK psychologists carry out play therapy and psychotherapy in this room. In a word playrooms are full of laughter and happiness and during the playroom time when you can't find one of the children in their room, you can look for them in playrooms. 
MAHAK has had an ever-existing concern toward the life quality of cancer-stricken children and has always been striving to preserve the childhood of the cancer-stricken children by providing them with support services.
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