last update: 16-11-2019


 “As a usual activity, we make rosaries with other mothers at the residential center of MAHAK during which each mother tells her own story of coming to MAHAK. The other day, one of the mothers, whose daughter had recently been transferred to ICU, was telling us about her beloved daughter while shedding tears. She said that Hanieh had been feeling well and she had no idea what had happened to her kid. The rest of the mothers who were witnessing the fretfulness of this mom, told her:" Now, let's make rosaries with the intention that your daughter will come out of the ICU and feel better." After a short while, we were announced that Hanieh was feeling better and would be transferred to the ward. The mother was overjoyed and hugged all of us and went to the ward to see her daughter.
P.S. The rosaries made by the mothers of MAHAK children with the help of volunteers can be bought at MAHAK's fundraising offices.