last update: 16-02-2020


MAHAK – the Society to Support Children suffering from Cancer in its strategic plan developed in 2006 for 2007-2011 stated: 
“Social engagement and participation in good deeds is rooted in our traditions, ethnic customs, and religion beliefs. In Iran, besides governments, the primary basis of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been established by local benefactors and trusted individuals with public participation and with the aim of helping the needy, establishing orphanages, schools, infirmaries etc. Currently, the public donations to MAHAK is the continuation of the same thought and belief throughout the history of this country. Alongside this, in today’s industrialized world, there are prominent topics such as “corporate social responsibility” which are the new axes of attracting public participation To this end, it is necessary that NGOs become acquainted with such axes and be able to draw upon their resources.”
On the other hand, it is mentioned in MAHAK’s Mission Statement that: MAHAK not only supports children with cancer but also promotes the lofty idea of Helping Fellow Beings.” 
These two sections from the first strategic plan of MAHAK, have set this organization on the path of promoting the concept of social responsibility and also encouraging the society particularly enterprises to benefit from this concept. At the beginning of this path of promotion and development, fewer practical actions in the application of this concept were envisaged and only limited theoretical steps for introduction of this concepts were taken.
This year, by holding the 5th International Congress on Corporate Social Responsibility with the themes of "planning models, implementation models, and reporting standards", MAHAK has completed this initiative. 
In the aforementioned congresses, dozens of university professors, business experts, managers of enterprises and leaders of international organization discussed and described various aspects of corporate social responsibility.
Looking at certain business models indicates that various theoretical and practical structured activities are formed in the field of corporate social responsibility. The most important of these includes:


  • •    Establishing Corporate Governance Commission and Social Responsibility in Iran Chamber of Commerce
  • •    Establishing Corporate Governance Commission and Social Responsibility in Chambers of Commerce in some other cities
  • •   Conducting various workshops and training sessions with focus on corporate social responsibility by Iran -Switzerland Chamber of Commerce.
  • •   Organizing workshops and training sessions focusing on corporate social responsibility, at the Industrial Management Organization and designing a permeant reporting structure within the organization
  • •  Defining the evaluation standards of enterprises social responsibility performance and ranking enterprises in Iran management association
  • •    Defining several corporate social responsibility projects governed by NGOs and community based organizations
  • •    Completion of dozens of graduate theses in business schools in the faculty of Management and Economics 
  • •    Holding dozens of national congresses on social responsibility with participation of international experts
  • •    Presenting Iranian enterprises’ social responsibility award
  • •    Formation of social responsibilities concerns in the dominating dialogue of the specialized media
  • •    Launching a platform to register needs of NGOs by the Institute for Research & Planning in Higher Education, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with the aim of devising and promoting social responsibility in universities through the fulfillment of research needs.


These activities indicate that we are facing a well-established concept and many organizations are involved with the practical phases of this concept within the cycle of continuous improvement: 
  • •    Universities and scientific centers lead the designing phase 
  • •    Public institutes and civil societies implement and operate social responsibility project.
  • •    Auditing organizations monitor, evaluate and rank the performance which the final results of these auditions will be led to the improvements in the future designing and performance.
The present situation indicates that gradual and continuous efforts in this area have been fruitful and the concept of social responsibility has become current and many players of this realm have started relevant and appropriate endeavors in this field and surely will continue.
We congratulate all the individuals and organizations active in this field for this valuable achievement and thank all the experts, academicians, enterprise managers, chairmen of Chambers of Commerce, and international leader organizations. We appreciate their constant support in this vein.
To this end, MAHAK considers the 5th International Congress on Corporate Social Responsibility as the last step of its mission in realization of this concept and area and believes that all its efforts during the last 12 years were successful, therefore this mission considered accomplished.
At the end of this cycle within the second strategic plan, MAHAK defines its social responsibility and commits itself to reporting based on international standards and deliver its first report according to global reporting initiatives (GRI) standards. 
In the line with the main mission of the MAHAK which is providing comprehensive support to children suffering from cancer and their families in the areas of charity, treatment and scientific research, MAHAK is committed to its social responsibility because MAHAK’ pillars strongly believe in this commitment. MAHAK, therefore, within its third and fourth strategic plans will deal with development of two fundamental concepts: transparency and accountability, which are considered as the most essential values of MAHAK and the most important responsibilities of civil societies. It is hoped that, within 2027 horizon and by the end of the fourth strategic plan, these two fundamental concepts become well-established, applicable and monitorable. 
On the one hand, voluntary participation for more than ten years in the international audits such as SGS NGO Benchmarking and International Project Management Association (IPMA), MAHAK was ranked 1st  in SGS Benchmarking Audit and was honored to receive the Gold Award from the International Project Management Association (IPMA). On the other hand by relying on the great capacities of the civil society of our beloved country, whom without their support, it would have been impossible for MAHAK to take even one step in this long journey, make us hopeful to achieve this goals by 2027.
MAHAK- the Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer
February 2019- Tehran