last update: 16-02-2020


During the last twenty seven years of activity, MAHAK has always strived to provide cancer-stricken children with the most effective and up to date treatment and support services in order to play its role in cancer control. Supporting more than 30,000 cancer-stricken children during these years is a good evidence of this claim from among which 6,114 have completed their treatment.
However, as one of the largest pediatric cancer centers in the middle-east and among the numbers of developing countries struggling with limitation in hematology-oncology facilities and economic conditions, it is obvious that its duty is not limited to provision of treatment or support services.
On the other hand, cancer control is not a process exclusively implemented by the government or community-based organizations. The role of society in this regard is undeniable. Organizations like MAHAK which generate their income from public donations should invest on educating the next generation and encourage them to pay attention to helping human kind.
In this vain and on the occasion of the World Cancer Day 2019, like the last 4 years, MAHAK has joined UICC’s global campaign with the theme of encouraging individuals to make a commitment towards the people fighting cancer and the society with the title of ‘I Am And I Will’.