last update: 20-01-2020


MAHAK attended the 5th International Strategic Management Conference and received the first strategy award in Iran honorarily. This conference was held by the faculty of management of the University of Tehran on 5 - 6 March 2019 in IRIB International Conference Center. 
This national award has been designed based on Strategic Management Maturity Model (SMMM).  The first version of this model has been deployed in more than 20 organizations in order to assess the maturity of strategic management and devise the strategy roadmaps. The reason for designing this award is based on various concepts such as value creation, dynamism, documentation, resource allocation, institutionalization, innovation, ethics, leadership, and sustainability in organizations.
Saideh Ghods, the founder of MAHAK, at the time of receiving the award appreciated the University of Tehran for holding such a conference and its concern toward the operational dimensions of knowledge and asserted: "We have passed the time in which NGOs were not accepted or understood. That is why this conference is very important, and we all respect the University of Tehran, one of the most sacred educational institutions in Iran. Today, we all know how much change the knowledge of management can make in any organization and country. This conference is of great value since it is organized and held by a university and receiving this honorary strategy award in Iran is an honor for MAHAK." 
The national strategy award is presented to eligible organizations by the faculty of management of the University of Tehran with the aim of motivating the Iranian organizations and companies to plan their activities based on strategic planning; enhancing documentation, deploying strategic control systems and devising a strategic management system in organizations; developing and promoting the application of new strategic management tools and models; and encouraging and appreciating superior organizations in the field of strategy.
The main themes of this conference were strategic thinking, national prospect development, human resources strategy, intangible assets and a learning organization, technology strategy and innovation in business, devising a strategy, corporate governance and social responsibility along with developing the knowledge and experiences in strategic management. In addition, the participants in this event were strategy experts and managers, organization development and human resources managers, entrepreneurs and university professors, social sciences and management researches, CEOs and executive managers.
MAHAK has always striven to have its performance assessed voluntarily in national and international levels without paying any costs.  With the belief in collective wisdom and strategic management in optimal use of resources, MAHAK looks forward to the recovery of more and more children from cancer.