last update: 20-01-2020


MAHAK children were surprised when Nane Sarma, Haji Firuz and Amu Nowruz (fictional Persian New Year characters in Iranian folklore) came to the hospital with their musician companions to celebrate Nowruz (the Persian New Year) which starts just as spring arrives.
Support services department of MAHAK held a ceremony to welcome the Persian New Year. In this celebration a volunteer group came to MAHAK Hospital and set Haft Seen tables in every hospital ward and residential center, as a custom performed in Persian New Year. MAHAK children were overjoyed by visiting the fictional characters that brought with them the message of happiness.
The support of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK results in creating moments of joy and happiness for cancer-stricken children during their hard days of treatment. We appreciate your care and patronage since it brings New Year's delight and motivates our children to look eagerly forward to the days of their well-being.
We wish more and more children will recover from cancer with your contribution.