last update: 20-01-2020


The Persian Year, 1397, ended for the ever-expanding family of MAHAK with remarkable achievements that demonstrate the great capacity of the philanthropist society of Iran. These achievements include MAHAK's becoming the top scorer in the global NGO Benchmark practice conducted by Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS); in addition to winning the Gold Award from the International Project Management Association (IPMA) for MAHAK's HLA (Human Leucocyte Antigen) Typing Bank project. 
As a result of the constant care and patronage of its supporters, MAHAK has 17000 cancer-stricken children under its support focusing to accomplish its mission of providing comprehensive treatment and supportive services to cancer-stricken children and their families so that they will have no concerns.
 In the Persian New Year MAHAK will strive to obviate the issue of procuring drugs for cancer-stricken children relying on your constant care and contributions. Moreover, in the 28th year of its activities MAHAK will continue to support all children who become stricken by cancer in line with its mission. We are bestowed with a confidence which is a result of your support by which we believe we can bring sorrows to an end and will never leave cancer-stricken children alone in their treatment path. Undoubtedly, we can achieve the best with your contributions in the New Year.
 Happy Nowruz to you all.
 Arasb Ahmadian
Chief Executive Officer