last update: 16-02-2020



Armin has always loved his father very much.He never sleeps before listening to his father's lullaby. Now he is sick and he has to stay at the hospital for many nights without his father. During the first days he had come to MAHAK he was unrestful and missed his father. Later mom and dad decided to do something to calm him down. His father sang a lullaby and recorded it and now every night the voice of a kind father is heard from Armin's room. No one knows how this father has been feeling at the time of singing this lullaby for his beloved son who is staying at the hospital and away from him. We only know that your support causes him not to have any concern other than the wellbeing of his son.


Every day six new cases of children with cancer join MAHAK and it is only as the result of your constant care and patronage that the treatment and support services are provided to these children.