last update: 18-01-2020


There are not many people in the world who devote their whole life to gaining knowledge and deploying it to support and assist their fellow beings. The late Professor Pervaneh Vossough was one of such people who diminished the pains and ended the sorrows. She had studied in the best international universities and had quit her jobs in the most creditable hospitals to come to Iran and treat cancer-stricken children.
Prof. Vossough inaugurated the first pediatric hemato-oncology ward in Iran in Ali Asghar Hospital and for the same reason she is known as the founder of pediatric oncology in Iran. Since the first day of MAHAK till the end of her life she worked eagerly as a volunteer to save children with cancer.
Many of us have not seen prof. Vossough but our hearts are replete with love and respect toward a lady who sacrificed and worked so hard for her mission of treating cancer-stricken children.