last update: 16-02-2020



The social workers of MAHAK planned a birthday celebration for MAHAK children with the presence of Malmal a famous TV character because they knew how much the children who are staying in the hospital would become happy with such presence. The children went to the corridor as they heard the familiar voice of Malmal and were really overjoyed by seeing a famous character. They became even more thrilled when they were gifted Malmal-shaped cookies, which have been made by volunteers, plus knitted dolls and colorful balloons. MAHAK children took photos with Maklmal in the end to record such a lovely memory.


We pay tribute to all the benefactors and volunteers who always accompany MAHAK in creating happy moments for cancer-stricken children. Together we can make their treatment days easier.


P.S. Birthday celebrations are held at MAHAK every month by the Support Services Department with the cooperation of volunteers. Such events are held with the aim of increasing the children's quality of life and helping them get adapted with their situation.