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News & Events

Since MAHAK ‘s success lies in invaluable efforts of pioneer volunteers, Iranian friends inside and outside Iran, it intends to share what is happening at MAHAK with its partnerships and volunteers in order to inform them about all details.
All dears who are interested to be aware about the latest events, news and upcoming events can find more  details by visiting News & Events section.

MAHAK's Presence at Nima Youshij School

On the occasion of the World Cancer Day and in line with UICC's World Cancer Day (WCD) campaign the members of the board of trustees and directors of MAHAK were present at Nima Youshij School to receive an ambulance donated to MAHAK children by the students of this school. Alongside with this ceremony, the pupils’ parents were invited to join MAHAK's registration center for donating hematopoietic stem cells in realization of one of this campaign’s toolkits that is "Join forces to make a difference".

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We can save a life without a penny

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is one of the methods of cancer treatment which MAHAK has always strived to provide for those children in need of transplantation. In this vein, MAHAK hospital founded its cell transplantation ward in 2011 but has always struggled with the challenge to provide compatible hematopoietic stem cells.

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