last update: 12-11-2019



News & Events

Since MAHAK ‘s success lies in invaluable efforts of pioneer volunteers, Iranian friends inside and outside Iran, it intends to share what is happening at MAHAK with its partnerships and volunteers in order to inform them about all details.
All dears who are interested to be aware about the latest events, news and upcoming events can find more  details by visiting News & Events section.

A Scene of Love as Long as 28 Years

There was no silver screen neither were there a clapper board, lights or cameras. However, they were playing the most remarkable and admirable role in their life. Our children got exhilarated when they saw the artists who went to every hospital room to visit them. MAHAK's little angels talked about them all the time even till a couple of days after their visit. 

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Once Again, the Ritual-Traditional Festival at MAHAK

The Hospital ward is quiet, as usual, and the children while resting or taking medications get surprised by hearing joyous music being played in the corridor. Mothers open the room doors and the children come to the corridor with their IV stands to see what intriguing event is happening this time. After a couple of minutes an exciting get-together starts while Azeri dance and music are being played.

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