last update: 20-01-2020



News & Events

Since MAHAK ‘s success lies in invaluable efforts of pioneer volunteers, Iranian friends inside and outside Iran, it intends to share what is happening at MAHAK with its partnerships and volunteers in order to inform them about all details.
All dears who are interested to be aware about the latest events, news and upcoming events can find more  details by visiting News & Events section.

It's your home's birthday

One of the most important days in anyone's life is their birthday. We make important decisions on our birthday and try to achieve what we want. Today the ever-expanding family of MAHAK is celebrating 28th year of supporting cancer-stricken children and their families. On the same occasion and once again we commit to our children that we will stay with them during their treatment process and will never let them have a hard time while they are receiving treatment.

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MAHAK's Activities for 2019 World Cancer Day Campaign

During the last twenty seven years of activity, MAHAK has always strived to provide cancer-stricken children with the most effective and up to date treatment and support services in order to play its role in cancer control. Supporting more than 30,000 cancer-stricken children during these years is a good evidence of this claim from among which 6,114 have completed their treatment.

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